Shailene Woodley And Theo James Spill How They Each Prepare For Intimate Scenes In New ‘Allegiant' Movie

Shailene Woodley and Theo James are known to have great chemistry on-screen and a great friendship off-screen. While many wish the two were together in real life, fans can watch their fantasy come true in their upcoming movie "Allegiant."

Fans have seen the undeniable chemistry between James and Woodley and now the actors speak up about the intimate scenes in "Insurgent."

In an interview, Woodley and James talk about their experience filming their intimate scene in "Insurgent" and apparently they had their own ways of letting loose and getting comfortable.

"Sometimes booze helps if it's really hard-core. With this, it's OK, because at the end of the day it's going to be PG-13," said James.

However, Woodley appears pretty confident about her sexuality and doesn't need anything to help her get comfortable.

"I guess I'm very European in that way. Sexuality is a very normal part of life and the more we suppress that normalcy, I think the more we seek it in ways that don't actually fulfill our sexual needs," said Woodley. "The director creates a very safe environment where he's like only the keys needs to be in that room. There are only maybe four people in there with you."

Woodley then started to talk about James being her partner in the intimate scenes, saying, "And then if you're working with an actor who is a gentleman-or a gentlewoman, depending on the scene-then it's a very sort of technical experience. Theo is a gentleman...It was like we were doing any other scene, in a way."

James revealed that him and Woodley are "now very comfortable working with each other and we trust each other and we're open with each other," which makes it easier for future intimate scenes that we might get to see in "Allegiant."

Woodley and James are set to film the third franchise, "Allegiant," which is set to shoot in May with the cast, including Miles Teller.

Producer Todd Lieberman gave a teaser of a very detailed film set, which gives a feel of being in a "whole different world."

"I don't want to promise too much, but I can say that the things that we've talked about have been very cool," said Lieberman according to The Global Dispatch. "There's going to be some really mind-blowing visuals. Those who have read the book know where it goes. It goes into a while different world, and we're really excited to explore that."

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