Tyga Gets 'Fed Up' With Kris Jenner Meddling In His Relationship With Kylie Jenner: The Reality Star Momager Suggests Rapper Is After Her Daughter's Money

Tyga and Kylie Jenner may be getting hate for their alleged underaged romance, however, with reports suggesting that Tyga may be dating Jenner solely for her money, the rapper lashed out at the claims, reportedly even calling out Jenner's mother, Kris Jenner, for believing the rumors as well.

Hollywood Life reports that after claims suggested that Jenner, 59, is skeptical of Tyga's intentions with her 17-year-old daughter, the "Rack City" rapper is firing back, insisting that he loves Kylie with or without her famous family's money.

Reports surfaced suggesting that momager Jenner feels that Tyga is exaggerating his financial situation and is looking to get close to Kylie in the hopes of gaining fame or money from their romance.

Sources close to Tyga reveal that the rapper is fed up with the claims, especially when Jenner's mom began inquiring about his personal finances once news broke that the duo were in fact more than just friends.

"Tyga thinks she's crazy or just plain insane if she thinks for a second he somehow needs to impress her or Kylie with dollars! There's no way in hell he's about to let Kylie's  mom sift through his money. Like what? That's inappropriate and Tyga thinks she's way out of line," the source confirms.

The source even alleges that if Kylie's mother doesn't stop meddling in their relationship, he'll be forced to end his romance with Jenner.

"Tyga feels that he and Kylie have 'true love' and that that's enough to anchor their relationship. But if that's not enough for Kylie or her overbearing parents, so be it. He'd rather be single," the source confirms.

Previous reports from sources close to the momager revealed that Kris was interested in seeing Tyga's bank statements to get an idea of how much money he's really bringing home.

"Kris wants Tyga to let her see his financial statements. She's in no way trying to imply Tyga doesn't have the money he says he has. She'd just rather let the numbers speak for themselves."

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