Charlotte Casiraghi and Gad Elmaleh will make a rare public appearance this July.

Charlotte, seventh in line to the throne of Monaco, and her partner Gad Elmaleh were noticeably absent at the baptism of Charlotte's cousins, twins and heirs Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, on May 10.

Charlotte's brothers Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi both attended the ceremony, as did the majority of the rest of the Monaco royal family, making Charlotte and Gad's absence all the more noticeable. Break-up buzz has surrounded Charlotte and Gad on and off throughout their relationship, and the recent publication of an unauthorized biography detailing Gad's numerous rocky relationships has only increased speculation.

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However, Hello! reports that Charlotte, 28, and Gad, 44, will attend the July 11 celebrations to mark Prince Albert's ten years on the throne along with the rest of the Monaco royal family. Hello! notes that Gad has no obligation to attend royal events, because although he and Charlotte have a one-year-old son Raphael, they aren't married. However, Gad has reportedly arranged dates on his comedy tour so he can attend the occasion, with a performance in Monaco on July 10.

Gad also noticeably missed Monaco's Rose Ball in March, which Charlotte attended solo. At the time, Gad tweeted that he was sick and seemed to imply that he regretted missing the event, writing, "I'm sick of the phrase 'There's nothing you can do about flu' - I have stuff to do!"

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