Andi Dorfman Talks Being Single After Josh Murray Split: 'The Bachelorette' Star Dates In NYC

After being ABC's next "Bachelorette," Andi Dorfman got her fairy tale ending, choosing Josh Murray as her fiance. However, it looks like the happily-ever-after didn't last as long at "The Bachelorette" couple recently split.

While Dorfman admitted that she is heartbroken from the breakup, she tried moving on by shifting to New York City. It looks like Dorfman is single and ready to mingle after moving to the Big Apple as she told People magazine, "Everybody seems to know a single guy in New York. And everyone's like, 'Let me set you up with my friend so-and-so.'"

Dorfman appears to be ready to move on from her previous relationship as she isn't shutting down the offer to be matched up.

"Oh, I'm ready," said Dorfman laughing. "I think I'm ready. I don't think anyone should be alone for the rest of their lives. There comes a time where you know you have to move on with your life and have a happy life, and I think I'm ready."

Dorfman described her recent broken engagement the "biggest failure of my life," but she's apparently learned something from it.

"I'm just being selective this time," said Dorfman. "I will say there are some hot guys in New York. I'll walk down the street ... and I find myself doing a total double turn and being like, 'Woo!' But it's funny because New York is so fast-paced, and I feel like you just pass a great-looking guy and it's like, you never see him again. So it's different."

The former "Bachelorette" admitted that she now has a better idea as far as what she looks for in a guy, which is to be "a family guy and somebody who can just handle his own."

"I'm looking for a guy that definitely is going to be accepting of who I am and kind of appreciate the fact that I want to be a strong, powerful woman," added Dorfman. "And somebody that wants to have a career in whatever I want to do."

In the mean time, Dorfman is enjoying her time in the city and loves being independent, but she has been caught flirting several times and isn't holding back on her social media posts.

On Instagram, she shared that she spent the entire weekend with a new guy and admitted that she had fun hanging out with him.

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