How To Pick The Best Perfume Scents For Warm Summer Months

There's nothing that leaves a lasting impression like a powerful scent. And this can be either a good thing...or a bad thing.

We all want to be remembered for the right reasons and a captivating fragrance can do just that. Who doesn't appreciate the value of smelling irresistible?

Everyone has the notes they prefer, but as much as we may have our favorites, it's a great idea to switch up your fragrances at the start of a new season.

Summer is almost officially here, so many of us will be shopping around for that new summery scent to make our seasonal signature!

Now there are many fragrance aficionados who try to tell us what to choose, but really anyone can pick out the perfect perfume. All you need is a few simple tips to get it right.

When deciding on what fragrance to pick, BeautyPress has some great advice. So before you head out for a spritzing session, consider these pieces of perfumed advice:

Fragrance as Fabric. Think of fragrance as the fabric you would wear. Why? In the summer, we wear airy, light fabrics to allow the breeze to flow easily in the heat. Just like your clothes, a fragrance to match will have light notes, smell clean and fresh -- not heavy and overwhelming.

Steer Clear of Heavier Scents. In the winter we bundle up with scarves and jackets, we sip apple cider and enjoy gingerbread cookies during the holidays. The colder months call for a heavier fragrance, one with musky, wooden and amber undertones. A fragrance that warms you up. You don' need that during the summer.

Know The Anatomy of A Fragrance. Creating a perfume can be easily compared to composing music. Perfumes contain notes that linger to last and move you to feel something much like music.

Top Notes: Commonly referred to as the head fragrance of a perfume. These are the scents you experience first when trying a scent. They tend to be the lighter scent like of citrus or fruit.

Middle Notes: Commonly referred to as the heart of a perfume. The rich, heavy scents of a perfume are situated here. These are the scents that are most prominent.

Bottom Notes: These are the scents that will linger the most on the skin. The bottom notes are meant to be noticed some time after applying the fragrance. These will ensure everyone smells your summery scent.

This article was originally published on Fashion Times

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