Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran's relationship has all gone crashing down once again after she found out that the "Loyal" singer has a 9-month-old baby girl. Although the model apparently has no interest in rekindling their romance, it looks like the R&B singer is desperate to get her back.

Brown is reportedly eager to sing his 2005 hit single, "Excuse Me Miss" to Tran on her birthday, which is May 17. He wants to continue to try and make it up to her and one of his actions is serenading her with sweet love songs.

"For Karrueche's birthday, Chris wants to sing 'Yo (Excuse Me Miss)' to her. That song reminds him of when he first met her, when he glanced over at her and knew she was the one," said a source to Hollywood Life. "If he ever had the misfortune of learning his dancing days were coming to an end, he'd want his last dance to be with Karrueche. He didn't know her when he sang this song back then, but he knows in his heart it was meant for her."

However, this might not be so flattering to Tran since she apparently wants nothing to do with Brown, especially after she dissed him on Instagram after Brown posted a special message on the social media app about celebrating his three favorite women this month.

"Mother's Day for momma. May 17th miss you know who. And May 27 is my baby #Royalty be humble and learn that it doesn't take effort to love! We create our own outcome and destiny in life. My paths has been a very blessed 26 years on this planet and I'm still learning. I can only be the best I can be. Sorry enough wit the rants! Love y'all!" posted Brown

Tran then made a post focusing on "strengths" and "greatness" on Brown's birthday, saying, "There is beauty in tragedy. For tragedy has the power to motivate the human mind. It can turn weaknesses into strengths and become greatness. Why would you focus on the storm, when you can focus on the rainbow?"

Brown is apparently taking a lot of measures to get his ex-girlfriend back and one of them is going to Las Vegas with hopes of making it work out again.

Brown reportedly went to a wishing well in Las Vegas over the weekend, where Tran was also visiting.

"Chris is serious about this. He even tossed five dollars in quarters into one of those wishing well water fountains and made a wish that he'd not only see Karrueche in Vegas, but that she'd get back together with him," said a source to Hollywood Life.

The former couple were both in Las Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight on Saturday and Brown even blew up Tran's phone on May 2 as well. He wanted to meet up with her before his birthday on May 5.

"He's been dying to see her in Vegas and has been pleading with her to make his birthday wish come true," said the source. "All he wants to do is see her. The fight, his performance - all that is good and fun. But the one thing that would make his weekend most memorable would be having a meal with Karrueche."

However, it doesn't seem like the two came together as Brown reportedly had a hard time getting ahold of Tran.

This article was originally published on Fashion & Style.