There have been a variety of rumors and speculation of Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama dating, but it looks like the two are no longer hiding their love and affection for each other. The "Heart Attack" singer is proud to share her special moments involving her "That '70s Show" boyfriend.

While Lovato is busy touring, it looks like she is missing her man, but is making up for it by taking him wherever she goes.

Although Valderrama isn't physically with his girlfriend, she makes sure that he doesn't miss out on all the fun as she Facetimes him to get a glimpse of what she is experiencing.

Lovato took to Instagram to share the special moment with her boyfriend, posting a picture of herself kissing her phone while on a call with Valderrama in Malaysia.

"#NMM (a little late I know.. so sorry!!!!!) Anyway, took my baby to Malaysia... #nomakeup #devonnebydemi," Lovato captioned the photo along with a heart-eye, hear and lips emoji.

Lovato previously hinted that she was missing her man as she posted another photo of herself wearing Valderrama's shirt.

"Smiling cause his t-shirt cause it smells like him....." said Lovato in an Instagram picture of herself wearing her boyfriend's shirt and added a smile and heart emoji.

Lovato recently openly admitted that she is, in fact, dating Valderrama during an interview with Australia's "Kyle and Jackie O Show," who were surprised about the news.

"A lot of people don't. Like, I'll post a picture on Instagram and all the comments are like, 'They're dating?!' Yeah! It's been years!" said Lovato on the show.

The singer went on to explain their relationship over the years and it looks like her boyfriend has been very supportive.

"There were some moments, like off and on, when I was struggling with my issues and things like that," but Valderrama stood by her side even during her "worst times. No, what he would do is he wouldn't enable me. So he'd say, 'I can't be around if you're not going to get yourself together.'"

"It made me fight for it," added Lovato. "Luckily, it was enough for me to keep holding on to. He's a very, very good guy."

This article was originally published on Fashion & Style.