Justin Bieber Getting Back Together With Selena Gomez Post Zedd Breakup? 'Baby' Singer Calls Gomez 'Gorgeous' At The Met Gala

Although Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been broken up for a while, it looks like the "Baby" singer is making his way back into his ex-girlfriend's life as she recently split with Zedd. Now that "The Heart Wants What It Wants" singer is single again, Bieber is hoping he has a chance at getting back with Gomez.

Bieber sparked a lot of rumors at the Met Gala in New York City as they were seen partying at the same party. Cameras even caught him calling out about how he thought Gomez "looked gorgeous at the Met Ball."

Bieber later partied at Rihanna's after-party and Gomez was there too, but he reportedly hung out with Kendall Jenner and her crew.

Just last week, rumors rounded that Bieber and Gomez were reaching out to each other again.

Bieber previously tried to win back Gomez as he released a song all about their messy relationship.

This all comes after Gomez and Zedd decided to split and mutually decided to just be friends.

"Zedd and Selena have decided to be friends. Zedd is all about getting his album ready and being out of the magazines and Selena is all about her movies, Mexico and music," said a source to Hollywood Life. "They have just drifted apart romantically but have remained really good friends."

"When they were working on promotion for their song everything seemed to be going great but then they went back to their normal lives and figured that they weren't missing each other," added the source.

Previous rumors of the two breaking up started to make rounds after the DJ was apparently fed up with the singer's "games" with Bieber and wanted her to completely cut Bieber out of her life, otherwise he would be done with her.

"The liking of the Instagram is just a shot at Zedd because he is all about his album and work and not focusing all of his attention on her. Zedd has realized he really hates these childish games she is playing and is really getting over her," said a source to Hollywood Life. "Zedd doesn't want to be a tabloid guy, he wants to be an artist and the games Selena plays puts her in the news all the time. He has given her an ultimatum, lose Justin or lose him."

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