The struggle is real! Winter was so long and so cold, making it easy to hide those extra pounds we all put on under chunky sweaters. But spring is officially here and the warmer months won't let us hide for much longer.

They are the two words every woman dreads hearing this time of year -- bikini season! It's about time we all start planning to hit the gym and cutting out the sweets, but this new regimen is always easier said than done!

Andrea Metcalf knows about this all too well. After all, she's a celebrity fitness expert. With over three decades of experience, Metcalf hears the excuses all the time. 

"Let's face it spring is right around the corner, only days away, and most dieters have fallen off their new year's resolution diets by now," the celebrity trainer admits candidly. 

"Too many temptations overwhelm the average dieter. We all know that spring means Girls Scout cookies, which are seen in every parking lot across America," Metcalf continued. This gal knows her stuff!

But thankfully, Andrea says eating Girl Scout Cookies will not wreck your diet! The fitness guru recommends forgetting about doing a complete 180 and trying to change your habits for a healthier life by giving yourself a few minutes to contemplate a decision that will help you make a better one. 

Check out Metcalf's five key tips for keeping your favorite treats a part of your diet, but in moderation:

For The Gal With the Sweet Tooth. If you must buy candy treats, make sure you have to unwrap them individually versus being able to grab a handful.

For The Office Candy Hoarder. If you must have candy on the desk at the office, do not fill the bowl all the way up. Metcalf says people are less likely to eat it when there is less than a full bowl.

For The Ice Cream Buff. If you are keeping pint size ice cream in the freezer, Andrea recommends you wrap it in a plastic bag with ties so you have to take the time to open it.

For The Insomniac. If you're not sleeping well at night - set a "get-ready-for--bedtime" alarm, then get into PJ's and start relaxing.

For The Sweet Snacker. If you're bad at staying disciplined with treats in the house, Metcalf says simply throw them out!

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This article was originally published on Fashion Times