After dating for four years, news broke that Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder have called it quits after pictures leaked of the One Direction member cheating on his girlfriend.

Despite all the cheating rumors, it doesn't look like Tomlinson is letting it get to him as he keeps his sprits high by dating other women. He was apparently spotted at London's SoHo Hotel after hanging at nightclub Cirque Le Soir with a group of girls and he wasn't happy about he caught.

A video of Tomlinson leaked online getting angry with the paparazzi as he tried to get to the hotel entrance with a group of girls early Thursday morning. In the full video at the Daily Mail, Tomlinson is seen before the incident joking with the photographers, saying, "Clearly I had too much to drink."

However, after that his attitude changed saying, "What are you going to do about it? That's your f****ing job. You f***ing loser. You take a picture, man," and flipped them off.

One of the photographers also allegedly pushed one of the girls in his group, causing the singer to get even more angry.

Tomlinson was reportedly previously seen with a mystery brunette, but not only did he get all romantic with his new girl, he played a little prank on her too.

Tomlinson was caught leaving a club in London's Libertine on Friday night with a group of his closest friends and shut the car door before the brunette could get in. After getting into the van, him and his friends apparently left her standing in the cold and drove off.

However, the prank didn't end there. Tomlinson appeared to have felt bad for her, so he drove back around and picked her up, but she looked shocked that he was leaving her behind.

It doesn't seem like anything is stopping the singer from living his life, especially after all the cheating rumors and breakup reports with Calder.

The mystery woman who Tomlinson apparently cheated with was revealed to be Lucy Julian, the daughter of menswear designer millionaire Alexander Julian. The two were spotted kissing and "snogging passionately" in Thailand in a pool.

Lucy was asked about the rendezvous, to which she replied, "I know what it's about and all I have to say is: 'no comment.'"

While Lucy refuses to admit to the romance, her friend Kyja Kutnick told the publication, "She's definitely not embarrassed but they were incredibly strict. Louis' security took her phone away from her. I'm not going to share the dirty details."

"They were kissing on and off in the pool for about 15 minutes," said a source to The Sun about Tomlinson cheating. "Louis was just wearing his boxers, having stripped off to swim. They were snogging passionately. I thought it was Eleanor until she turned around. He is going to be in a bit of trouble. It looks like he has got carried away with partying."

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