'Vacation Breasts' A New Trend? Augmentation Surgery Promises Plumper, Bigger Breasts & Cleavage with Liquid Injections

Heard of 'vacation breasts' yet?

A Dr. Norman Rowe is said to be developing what he calls 'vacation breasts,' which will use a liquid injectable to pump up patients bosoms for a temporary boost in 2016. Sounds like the next big thing that women will be flocking to their cosmetic physicians for!

But don't get too excited just yet. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky, Cosmetic Surgeon of New Look New Life Surgical Arts, is already warning against these quick procedures that often leave clients unhappy. We sat with the surgical pro and got her take on this likely hot new craze to come:

Dr. Karlinksy, why do you warn against this procedure? 

I simply think that this Cinderella concept makes no sense for a patient who desires larger breasts, or any other sort of enhancement.  

Would you recommend this procedure over a breast augmentation? 

If a woman desires a breast enlargement, in my opinion, it makes no sense to spend money on a temporary augmentation. If a patient is a good candidate to have her breasts enlarged; with implants or fat, she should just go ahead with the procedure. 

What are some of the potential risks and/or side effects? 

Injecting large volumes of fluid into the breasts carries a small risk for hematomas, bruising, infection and asymmetry. Because I do not know for certain the substance that will be used to augment the breasts for this interesting procedure, I am unable to comment on the potential risks and complications from that. 

How long do the results last? Is it worth it in your opinion? 

As a cosmetic surgeon, I can certainly agree that there will be plenty of women who will be very interested in this temporary augmentation. I think a lot will depend on how affordable it is. As a woman, personally, if I wanted to have bigger breasts, it would make no sense to me to spend money on this temporary enlargement. 

It's actually kind of comical. Imagine: you go and get your breasts enlarged before a vacation, you buy new bathing suits to accommodate your new breasts, but as the days go by, they get smaller and smaller and the top becomes looser and looser. What are you supposed to do? Oh no! 

Would you opt for 'vacation breasts' before a big trip or special occasion? Tell us below in the comment section!

This article was originally published on Fashion Times.  

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