No matter what the Pantone color of the year is, there's one shade that will always be in vogue -- pristine, gleaming white. It's certainly the coveted color for teeth, but we don't always come by pearly whites naturally.  

Have you been checking out Instagram lately and seeing a lot of your favorite celebs posting pics about their favorite teeth-whitening products?

Well, just because your pockets aren't as deep as a red-carpet star doesn't mean you can't have your teeth shine as bright as one. For those looking to spruce up their smile for spring, here are a couple of essential reminders for getting those pearly whites ready.

Even those who are genetically blessed in the smile department eventually succumb to age-related yellowing and lifestyle-related staining. So here are a few easy steps, big and small, that can help give you your brightest smile ever - and all while on a budget!

Change your toothbrush. It may seem simple, but a toothbrush that is past its prime (i.e., older than 3 months) has lost its ability to effectively "exfoliate" or remove buildup that can darken teeth.

Eat your vegetables and fruits. This is so true especially of hard, crunchy raw ones like apples and carrots. The act of chewing produces saliva, which counteracts bacteria buildup.

Avoid "colorful" food and drinks. Coffee, tea, red wine, soda, soy sauce, even blueberries can darken teeth. But because cutting out these offenders completely is a tall order, White Glo also makes an innovative Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula that not only removes old stains but protects against future ones with a proprietary wax "shield."

Stay tuned for more teeth whitening tips!

This article was originally published on Fashion Times