Meek Mill On Nicki Minaj: Admits 'I Got The Girl That I Wanted'

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill may have stunned fans with their rumored engagement earlier this week after only a short few months of dating, leaving some to wonder whether or not the couple are truly ready to settle down, however, the Philly rapper is slamming haters of his relationship with the "Truffle Butter" rapper, telling XXL Magazine that he's head-over-heels for the queen of hip-hop.

Billboard reports that despite the duo remaining mum about their alleged engagement, Meek Mill took the time to gush over his rumored fiancée, telling the mag that he has the girl he's always wanted.

When asked how it felt to have the girl "all the dudes wanted," Mill replied, "I got the girl that I wanted, not what they wanted, you know what I'm saying? What I wanted."

The rapper also defended himself against those who claim Minaj has him wrapped around her finger, revealing, "I don't really hold hands, but like, I'll hold hands with you," he sweetly admits, adding, "They can catch me in the pictures doing anything nowadays, holding an umbrella for Nicki, you know what I'm saying?"

However, the "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper admits that their connection stems beyond that of a romantic relationship, noting that they click musically as well.

"We be having conversations sometimes like, 'That flow? Yeah, I got that flow from you,' or, 'You got that flow from me.' We argue and s**t like that all the time," he admits.

While Meek Mill hasn't commented on the engagement rumors, a source revealed to E! News that the news is indeed true, contrary to reports that suggest the engagement was a publicity stunt.

The news comes only days after Minaj's ex-boyfriend of nearly eleven years slammed rumors that he was responsible for leaking the rapper's nude photos on Twitter, something fans mistook for an act of revenge.

Safaree Samuels has revealed in several interviews that he still has love for his ex, yet, hasn't given any indication of his feelings towards her recent engagement.

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