FKA Twigs Felt 'Sexy' Wearing Baby Bump In Video: Future Family Plans With Robert Pattinson?

FKA Twigs has been making headlines due to her recently announced engagement to "Twilight" Robert Pattinson. The "Two Weeks" singer recently sat down for an interview with "The Creators Project" to discuss what inspires her music career, while also dropping some subtle hints about future family plans. 

MTV reports that during her interview, Twigs opened up about her background as a dancer and why she's comfortable being misunderstood.

"I trained as a dancer from when I was eight years old, and did ballet, and tap, and modern, and I worked my ass off when I was a kid to be trained properly," she admitted.

"Then the first music video I did, it's kind of, 'Can you put on these shorts?' "Can you stand over here?' 'Can you look cute?' 'Can you rub up on this rapper's leg?' I remember thinking, like, 'Ugh, ten years of training for this?" she admits.

However, she admits that her music and style is different that what is currently considered mainstream, revealing, "I have such left-field ideas, I feel quite precious about giving them away to somebody, because how would they interpret it wouldn't be how I see it in my head, necessarily. So then I said, 'Well, I might as well do it myself,' and that started working out for me."

Twigs credits her mother for being her source of creative inspiration, admitting, "My mum just let me do whatever I wanted to do, in terms of being creative when I was a child. If I wanted to be a cat for the weekend, I could just be a cat, and that was cool."

Twigs also dished on her decision to wear a fake baby bump for her music video "Glass & Patron," admitting that it made her feel sexier than a scandalous getup.

"For me, instead of doing 1,000 squats and wearing a push-up bra, I wanted to feel what it would feel like to be sexy with a baby bump," she admitted.

Speaking of pregnancy, a source close to the songstress revealed that she and Pattinson have talked about starting a family, noting that Twigs "really wants kids" with fiancé Pattinson.

While the singer isn't currently pregnant, can we expect a family from the happy couple in the near future? 

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