So you have your festival fashion wardrobe planned - but what about your hair? Coachella is all about relaxed, carefree looks like beachy waves and braids - and, of course, flower crowns! Try out these three looks courtesy of celebrity stylist and Rowenta Beauty Brand Ambassador Josue Perez.

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Wavy Braided Half Up/Half Down Look
As seen on: Nina Dobrev, Rachel Bilson

1. Start by parting the hair right down the middle.
2. This is a messy look, so let the hair air try after getting out of the shower.
3. Once it's dried, you can use a styling iron to lightly wave the hair for the textured, wavy and relaxed look of the hair. I recommend theRowenta Beauty Versa Style Iron, its one inch barrel helps get loose waves quickly.
4. Next, take one section of hair right above the ear and begin to braid it to the back middle of your head, leaving the rest of the hair in the strip unbraided. Clip in place to hold. Repeat with the other side above your ear.
5. Clip the two braids in place together to hold them in place. That the hair from both pieces that are unbraided, and twist them together to form a small knot to cover the bobby pins. This will form the one ponytail.
6. Take the remaining hair from the ponytail and braid it, using a hair tie to hold it at the end.
7. Last step, texturize the hair! Use a light finishing spray for an added lived-in feel. My favorite is Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray. It holds the hair in place without too much product! 

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Wavy Locks Paired with a Floral Crown

As seen on: Emmy Rossum, Poppy Delevingne, Vanessa Hudgens

1. The best part about this look is two-fold: it's the easiest look to achieve, and the most classice for a music festival style! The best of both worlds.
2. Let your hair air dry for this look; you don't want your hair blown out because that will take away the natural kinks of your hair.
3. Do a light side part, or whichever your most comfortable with, playing on your hair's natural part.
4. Take a styling iron, and using as a straightener, straighten the roots of your hair only to keep them nice and smooth below the flower crown, but keep the rest of your hair wavy/natural.
5. Using the styling iron for waves, fix any unruly pieces by giving them a slight wave. Do as needed for all of your hair.
6. Get creative! Pick a flower crown to top off your look. Spray lightly with holding spray to finish.

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French Braid Crown

As seen on: Jennifer Morrison, Sarah Hyland

1. This look is gorgeous for a festival, and doesn't require too many steps.
2. Brush your hair back, removing the part from your hair.
3. Next, begin at one side right above your ear, and grab a large section of your hair, diving the top half and bottom half.
4. French braid your hair up and over the crown your head as opposed to French braiding back.
5. Continue braiding until you hit behind the ear of the opposite side. Clip with bobby pins to hold in place, and let the rest of the hair fall down to meet the bottom layer.
6. Take the bottom layer, and twist up into a bun so that it sits right below the French braid.
7. Lightly tug on both the braid and the bun so that the hair is loose, forming the look to come together.
8. Spray with hairspray to hold!

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