Justin Bieber Throws Shade At Ex-Girlfriend Selena Gomez: The "Heart Wants What It Wants" Singer Begs Boyfriend Zedd Not To Watch Bieber's Roast

Dating rumors about Selena Gomez and DJ Zedd have been rounding the web since her break-up with Justin Bieber. The two appear to be getting very close and don't want anything to ruin their relationship, especially her ex-boyfriend's recent roast.

Bieber mocked Gomez during his Comedy Central roast, which made her furious and hurt. The "Heart Wants What It Wants" singer is also allegedly embarrassed by the nasty things said about her on the show and is begging Zedd not to watch it when it airs on TV.

"Selena doesn't want Zedd watching the roast at all and he's assured her that he won't. Selena says he has absolutely no interest in watching it and will support her 100 percent," said a source to Hollywood Life. "Selena can't help herself. She will most likely watch the roast, she doesn't really want to but at the same time feels it's important to know what was said about her, so she's not caught off guard."

Bieber is reportedly aware how hurt Gomez is and how much more upset she will be once she watches it, which is why he "wants to reach out to her before the telecast and apologize for what she might see."

The source continued, "But he's going to wait and see the final cut of the show to see if he needs to reach out at all."

Gomez apparently leaned on Zedd's shoulder for support and helped calmed her down after the incident. 

"She obviously realizes her on/off relationship with Justin is a target for the comedians, and it's a subject she'd rather keep private and not have discussed in such a public forum," said a source to Hollywood Life. "Zedd understands how Selena likes to keep her personal life - just that - private. But he comforted her by asking, 'what can they say that hasn't already been said?'"

The source went on to say that Zedd told Gomez that "she's contemplating the worst, and the reality of what will happen is far less than what she's imagining in her head. Like all these things, it will pass. And it's not something worth getting upset about because everybody has moved on anyway."

It's a good thing Gomez has Zedd to lean on because Bieber and the comedians threw some major shade at her.

Chris D'Elia told Bieber that he was going to roast him harder than "Orlando Bloom f***ed Selena Gomez" and Jeff Ross said that Bieber broke up with her because she "grew a mustache" before he did.

It looks like the roast only got worse when Bieber mocked his relationship with Gomez during his rebuttal and she was shocked to hear the disses.

"While Selena's not entirely sure why she was the butt of a lot of jokes, she does feel that Justin may have had a hand in allowing the comedians to rip her to shreds with their comments," said the source.

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