Love Joan Holloway's sexy cat eye flick or Betty Draper's classic curls? Now you can recreate them in a new way, thanks to an upcoming collaboration between "Mad Men" and Birchbox.

According to WWD, AMC and Birchbox are teaming up to commemorate the end of "Mad Men" (the final seven episodes begin airing April 5) with 1960s-inspired beauty boxes for both women and men.

"Birchbox turned the beauty category on its head and engaged a generation making them an ideal partner for AMC as we head into the final seven episodes of 'Mad Men,'" Theresa Beyer, senior vice president of promotion, activation and partnership at AMC, told WWD.

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The "Mad Men" beauty boxes will be curated by Birchbox founders and CEOs Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna and "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner.

The women's beauty box, priced at $10, will include liquid liner to create a cat eye and bouffant worthy hair-spray, while the Birchbox Man box, $20, will include grooming products and accessories.
The collaboration will also include editorial and video content on

"We curated a selection of products that captures the flavor of that era while maintaining a modern sensibility - for example, a bold lip in an easy to use pencil and a soft hold paste for a relaxed take on the men's hairstyles," Beauchamp said. "Our hope is that this collaboration helps celebrate [the show]."

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