"Revenge" returns this Sunday, March 8, and we are more than ready! To celebrate, department head hair Lori Rozman shared her guides on how to recreate Emily, Victoria, Margaux and Nolan's signature hairstyles:

Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne
1. To get started after shampooing and lightly conditioning the ends, I spray Emily's hair with White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold Styling Spray, scrunching the product into her hair. This gives just the right amount of texture, hold and soft movement with thermal protection.
2. To create added volume while blow drying, I gently lift and move her hair in various directions with my hands followed by a medium round brush to create additional volume and bend to the ends. I love the CHI Touch Screen Dryer because it easily gives me the temperature and airflow settings I need with just a touch of a finger.
3. Once dry, I section her hair into 3 different parts: top, sides and back leaving the nape area free. This is vital because you need to have constant control over the hair at all times so you do not miss any areas.
4. Next, I use a 1 1/4" Dura CHI Curling Iron to create luscious loose curls. To achieve natural looking curls and/or hide any partings, take uneven shaped partings and sections, then wrap the sections around the inside of the barrel and hold for 10 seconds. Clip each curl and allow them to cool. For longer lasting hold for long days on the set, I will spray each curl with White Sands Infinity Hairspray.
5. To style, remove all the clips and rub a small amount CHI Silk Infusion on your hands and finger tips. Gently run your fingers through the curls to loosen. For silky loose curls, take random sections and run your fingers through to separate and define.

Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson

1. Madeline's beautiful raven hair always looks picture perfect. After shampooing and conditioning, I generously apply a blow waving spray like White Sands UnderCover throughout her hair from scalp to ends to give her hair added lift and hold.
2. Because her hair is long and thick, I rely on the CHI Touch Screen Dryer with 1800 watts to get her dried quickly. Once I remove most of the moisture with my hands, I turn to a large round brush to smooth her hair straight.
3. Once the hair is dry, I switch to a medium sized round brush to create soft curls by rolling sections and blasting each one with hot air followed by a cool shot to set.
4. Next, I carefully remove the hair from the brush by slowly unwinding & twirling the brush and hair at the same time. To create more curl definition, I use my 1 1/4" Dura CHI Curling Iron wrapping only the bottom half of a section around the inside of the barrel.
5. Finally, I finish with White Sands Infinity Hairspray.

Karine Vanasse as Margaux LeMarchal

1. With Karine, we start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. After gently towel drying her hair, I apply CHI Straight Guard for a smooth, sleek finish. I use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product.
2. For the long bang area, I lightly spritz with CHI Volume Booster. Next, I blow dry with a medium paddle brush along the back and sides.
3. For the top and crown, I switch to a large round brush. After the hair is dry, I create a side part and sweep part of the bang over the forehead toward the ear.
4. Depending on location sites, I might use a flat iron to further smooth the bang. To finish, I always trust White Sands Infinity Hairspray to give me that hold and flexible staying power.

Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross
1. Gabriel is all about style and what is trending. Each season we try to change his look with either a different cut or color change. With men, it is important to keep in mind their hair needs the same support as women. So I start out using a volumizing shampoo.
2. Instead of a conditioner, I opt for a leave in treatment spray like White Sands Porosity the Fix layered with White Sands The Cure 24/7 Serum. Creating a hair cocktail is necessary many times in order to achieve the looks the producers want. When blow drying, I use a small paddle brush lifting the hair at the root area and smoothing the rest.
3. To style, I opt for CHI's Matte Wax to give some definition.  


This article was originally publsihed on Fashionnstyle.com