Hair & Makeup Q&A: Katie Maloney 'Vanderpump Rules' Talks New Season & Beauty Secrets Part 2

Katie Maloney of the hit Bravo TV reality series 'Vanderpump Rules' is back for some more beauty secret sharing! Check out what tips the gorgeous gal spilled for us:

Katie, how do you keep your hair camera ready without damaging it? 

I try and only wash my hair 2 times a week. That way I don't dry it out and it also cuts down on the styling wear and tear. I try to let my hair air dry as often as possible, especially if I'm using a flat iron on it. Dry shampoo is great for a refresher in between washes.

Any favorite hair care products or salons in Hollywood?

I have so many! Frederic Fekkai has some amazing shampoos and hair fragrances. I also love hair serums and oils like Bumble and Bumbles Hairdressers Invisible Oil ($27) and Eurforas Beautifying Serum ($40).

What are the beauty rules when it comes to prepping for a photoshoot or being filmed?

Definitely make sure you are appropriate for the occasion and always look like yourself. When I'm filming I want to make sure my makeup looks perfect, but also want to look like I'm not wearing any unless it makes sense. I would never wear dramatic make up to lunch in broad day light. It's not really a "less is more" kind of thing. It's more of a "more is less," if you know what you're doing" (wink-wink).

What has been your biggest hair or makeup nightmare? How did you recover?

I think I would agree with the masses and say it was my hair a couple years ago. It was supposed to be blonde, but was more orange than anything. I didn't hate it, but got really tired of it and the up-keep.

Advice for women aspiring to cultivate a career in the spotlight?

Self-awareness, integrity, tenacity and authenticity are hugely important qualities. People will judge and people will hate, but people will also love and support in ways unimaginable. 

Look out for Katie on the 'Vanderpump Rules' season reunion show soon!

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