While appearing on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season three Tammy Rivera and her husband Waka Flocka Flame were working on expanding their family and sadly months later there's still no baby news to report, but Tammy isn't giving up hope!

The reality star recently chatted with VH1 and gave fans an update on her and the rap star's family. Although they still haven't managed to get pregnant Tammy said that she and Waka, real name Juaquin James Malphurs, are doing just fine raising her daughter Charlie.

"I wish I could say I'm pregnant. It's been going -- we have been, you know, but we haven't been focused on just the "trying" aspect; we just letting it happen, you know, flow natural. If it doesn't, then we're going to it happens. It wasn't good news [at the fertility clinc]; we were shocked to hear it. But I kind of figured," she explained. "Like I said before, Waka was shot in the past where he was laying on his deathbed and went through very life-threatening medical issues. He fought and came back to life. He had blood clots all over his legs and body and he wasn't supposed to walk again. So us hearing that it will be hard for us to conceive was shocking, but I kept telling him, I kind of figured that that was, that a lot of it came from that."

Despite the circumstances against them, Tammy said she believes when it's time for her to have another baby then she'll get pregnant, simple as that.

"I really believe that when the Lord wants us to have this baby, we will. Right now we're kind of doing a lot. Since the show, I've been doing a lot of appearances and everything is new for me. And Waka, he was always on the road. We moved and we're still settling in, so I feel like when the time is right God is going to give us exactly what we need," she said.

One person in particular that will be stoked to hear baby news from the couple is Waka's mother Deb Anteny, who often said on the show that she was hoping the couple would give her twin grandchildren, even though when they first broke the news of their marriage she was outraged.

During season three Waka and Tammy shocked everyone when they revealed that had eloped and Waka's mom seemed to be the most upset by the news. However, Tammy said that Deb finally came along and is just as supportive of the couple's love as ever.

"You know, we did elope and we're happy. We had to move forth with our family; we just bought a house and got family insurance and all those things that come with married life. We just wanted to be able to move forward with our family, and it wasn't that we were trying to do it behind their back or in a rush," she said. "It was just that we knew what was necessary to take our family to the next level, and getting married was the first step to that."

Hopefully Tammy and Waka will have some big baby news to reveal sooner rather than later!

This article was originally published on Fashionnstyle.com