"Love & Hip Hop New York" fans finally got to see first hand the demise of Erica Mena and Cyn Santana's relationship during season five, but there's still a lot more to their burned out flame that Cyn's finally ready to open up on.

The reality beauty recently chatted with VH1 and dished on how she even started dating Erica and how their love story quickly turned into a nightmare.

"I met Erica like three years ago in LA. We were shooting for a magazine cover. That was the first time that I had ever encountered her at all. I've seen her on the show. I was a fan of hers. So, I saw her in person... Beautiful girl. We didn't really speak much though," Cyn explained. "I then saw her a year later. It was her birthday. We bumped into each other at a bar. We got drunk and then things just kinda escalated from there."

"It happened real fast. We got really comfortable that first night. That was the first time we spoke and we spoke for hours. I think the liquor had a lot to do with it," she continued. "We got super comfortable. She told me, although she is already an open book, she told me a lot about her story and I felt bad for what she went through and I kinda wanted to be that friend to be there for her and things just led on from there."

Even though Erica was a "fun girl," things started to go south for the former couple and a lot of Erica's fun tendencies had a lot to do with it as Cyn revealed her biggest issue with the singer/model was the fact that she would go out and act like she was single while Cyn was at home waiting for her.

"If you wanna act like you're single then maybe you should be single. I don't think anyone took us serious. You see these two pretty girls and you're just like whatever... The whole world already thinks it's a joke, but you know what f**k the world because me and you know what goes on behind closed doors. But now you're out here acting like you're single and that's a problem. So if you wanna act like you're single, please be my guest."

However Erica's naughty behavior outside of their home didn't trigger an instant breakup, instead Cyn said they just started to fall out over time and eventually she got to a point where she couldn't take it anymore.

"It happened gradually. I didn't just wake up one night and say, 'F**k this. I can't do this anymore.' But it kinda did happen like that. One night I was just like I can not do this for a, b, c reason. I can not do this. I don't wanna do this. And some people don't take that too well," Cyn said noting that Erica's fling with Rich Dollaz on season four of LHHNY was what started their downfall.

"Rich happened first, which was in a sense humiliating being that we were on television, to find that out that was heartbreaking. So that happened, we got over that. I don't know where her now fiance came into the picture. I don't know that I wish I knew."

Although Erica has insisted in interviews that she and her fiance Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, were only friends while she was dating Cyn, Erica's ex still thinks it's rather surprising that the newly engaged couple got together so quickly after Cyn and Erica broke up.

"From my understanding they were always friends, but that was a bit of a shock to me as well because this is someone you told me not to worry about and now you're engaged to him. I know s**t happens, people confide in each other and then feelings... But come on," she said.

Despite all that she's been through with Erica, Cyn hasn't given up on finding love either and has also moved on.

This article was originally published on Fashionnstyle.com