Harry Styles Asks Girlfriend Nadine Leopold To Move Into His Beverly Hills Home

Harry Styles has apparently asked his girlfriend of four months to move into his Beverly Hills home. The One Direction singer who is dating Austrian model Nadine Leopold, reportedly asked her to move in earlier this month when he celebrated his 21st birthday, reported Star magazine.

"Nadine couldn't have said yes fast enough," a friend of the couple said. "She's based in New York for modeling, but she'll shuttle back and forth."

Styles has dated celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift, but Leopold seems to be the one. 

"The effect she has one him is really refreshing," the source added. "The look on his face when he's with her says it all."

The heartthrob was previously said to be ditching his friends to spend as much time as he can with the model, according to Hollywood Life

"Harry goes on about how funny Nadine is, how smart she is, how cool she is--he's got her way up on a pedestal. He's non-stop, to the point that it's annoying to a lot of his friends. And he blows off plans with his friends for her, which he's never done before," a source revealed.

It was also reported that Styles was so infatuated with Leopold that he got a tattoo of his and the models initials, reported Daily Star

"Harry made everyone sign confidentially agreements so the girl's letters are a secret at the moment," a source from Shamrock Tattoo Parlour, where Styles gets his tattoos done, had said. "But he had two sets of initials together--'HS' is one of them of course, but everyone's saying that the other initials are 'NL'--for Nadine Leopold."

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