Charlie Ebersol Encourages Britney Spears To Take Up Meditation

Britney Spears' boyfriend Charlie Ebersol has reportedly encouraged the pop star to take up meditation. A new report suggests that the singer is embracing the relaxation technique after Ebersol insisted that she use it to help calm her nerves, reported Bang News.

"Britney seems more at peace since she started meditating," a source said. "Charlie is a meditation enthusiast. He's always been interested in self-help and a clean lifestyle, so he's a really good influence on Britney."

The 33-year-old singer, who has two sons, Sean, 9, and Jayden, 8, with her former husband Kevin Federline, is reportedly already practicing meditating alone before her performances in Las Vegas. 

"She has a mantra and she meditates for 15 minutes before performances to center herself and clam her nerves," a source told Life & Style magazine. 

The couple began dating last November and have been inseparable. During an interview withPeople, Ebersol opened up about his new romance with the singer.

"The best part of this relationship is when we spend time together," the film producer said, adding that he and Spears are "homebodies" who enjoy the little things. 

"The thing that I learned from my parents [NBC exec Dick Ebersol and actress Susan Saint James] was no matter how busy you are, home base is the single most important thing. As long as you're centering back to home base and that's the strongest magnet in your life, that everything else is okay," he previously said.

He added, "We were getting pulled in a thousand different directions, and my favorite thing in the world --besides her -- is hot chocolate. She just said, 'Let's get hot chocolate and hang out.' That was a perfect night for me. If that's the rest of my life, then A) I will have emulated my parents, and B) I will be a very happy man.'"

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