Pixelated Hair: X-presion Creativos Hair Experts Introduce New Hair Color Trend 'Xpresionpixel'

With a new year comes a new hair trend: pixelated hair!

Last year, celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens made ombre the big hair trend in 2014. This year, the hair colouring experts of Madrid's X-presion Creativos salon have teamed up to introduce the new big thing in hair color, making one's locks look like computer pixels.

Pixelated hair, or "xpresionpixel" as it was dubbed by its pioneers in X-presion Creativos, is already making waves on social media and is infiltrating salons in Spain, London and New York, according to BuzzFeed.

Hair colourists Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jorge Cancer engineered the new technique, which involves having square blocks of color soaked into the hair. The colors are then blended and cascaded into one another to create the graphic effect.

The hair dye technique can either be subtle, using tones similar to your natural hair colour, or much more daring using clashing neon shades.

After the three pioneers shared photos of some of their pixelated hair work online, the technique has since then been adopted by several big names in the beauty industry.

In fact, Revlon recently recreated the look for its latest campaign.

Check out more photos and samples of the latest hair trend here!

Meanwhile, another hair technique is gaining more traction in salons - hair facials.

Nioxin have launched Dermabrasion services for the scalp, which promise to remove build-up and restore the condition by accelerating scalp surface regeneration through exfoliation.

Aveda, meanwhile, have a Healthy Hair Service whereby specialists use a camera to magnify the scalp to 600 per cent to analyse hair density and the scalp's oil levels.

They then analyse the results and create a bespoke programme for your hair, which promises to leave it glossy from root to tip.

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