Kanye West recently appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to talk about his married life with host and birthday celebrant Ellen DeGeneres, and as a treat to fans and to DeGeneres, he decided to reveal the official music video for "Only One," Ace Showbiz reported.

West previously dropped the song "Only One" featuring Paul McCartney at the end of last year. Now, he's released the official music video during his appearance on DeGeneres's show on Thursday, showing a gentle side of himself.

The official music video is directed by Spike Jonze and is West's ode to his daughter with wife Kim Kardashian, North West. Viewers get a chance to see  the two having some father-daughter time, with Kanye whispering the lyrics to North as he takes her on a stroll through a field. 

On the show, DeGeneres told West that she thought he seemed "less angry" since his marriage to Kardashian. West said it had something to do with how married life has changed him, making him "a better person," according to Jezebel

He also said that now he's part of a community that has become less "f*cked up" after having a kid, adding that he's learned to shut up more, compromise and be more protective of his family.

West then talked about the time he was angrier and less calm, calling it his version of the "Terrible Twos." He talked about how his daughter was unable to express herself because she doesn't have a lot of words. On the other hand, he wanted to do a lot of things, but at the time, "I just didn't have the words or the resources or the backing or the perception that I could do it being a rapper." 

Additionally, DeGeneres asked West about his next album, such as the title and track and West responded: "I don't know yet," Rolling Stone has learned.

"We're still trying to find it. Trying to find the vibe," West explained. "This transition from what I felt when I did 'Yeezus' to what I feel now, and we're just creating so we haven't found it yet."