Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher clearly took to being parents like duck to water.

The beautiful couple, who welcomed baby girl Wyatt on Oct. 1, were spotted taking their little girl out for a stroll on Monday following a beach outing with friends on Saturday. 

The "That '70's Show" alums were seen doting and cooing over the baby girl, who has big eyes, an adorable button nose and a mop of brown hair. It's the first time Wyatt has been photographed going on a family outing since her parents welcomed her last year, according to Daily Mail.

In one photo, the 36-year-old "Two and a Half Men" star pushed Wyatt's stroller while chatting with a friend, while Kunis walked a little bit ahead and chatted with the rest of their group.

After a presumably exciting day at the beach, the couple bundled up their little girl as they prepared to go home.

Kutcher was seen picking baby Wyatt up out of her stroller gently, cradling her in his arms before placing her into her car seat.

Meanwhile, Kunis was spotted looking fit and fabulous during their beach date despite giving birth not even four months ago.

The "Jupiter Ascending" star was dressed casually for their family outing in a loose black T-shirt, skinny jeans rolled up to her knees and pink trainers.

Kutcher also dressed down for the day, looking every bit a hot dad in his simple white T-shirt, khakis, navy baseball cap and orange trainers.

Kutcher is clearly loving fatherhood, and made it clear when he sat down for a chat on the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to talk about his life as a new dad.

He opened up about the reason why he and Kunis, who got engaged February last year after dating for two years, decided not to take on a nanny to help them in taking care of their little girl. 

"It's awesome. It's unbelievable," he told DeGeneres, before going on to reveal the reason.

"We just want to know our kid," he explained. "We want to be the people that know what to do when the baby’s crying to make the baby not cry anymore."

"We want to know, like when she makes a little face or something we want to be emotionally in touch with her and I think the only way to do that is by being the one who’s there," he added.

Kutcher went on to gush about his lady love, telling the talk show host that Kunis was an "amazing" mother.

"The most amazing thing about having a baby is my partner, Mila," the actor gushed. "She's the greatest mom I can't even. I go to work every day and I come home and she's like perfect."

"And it just seems like everything went amazing. And I know that something probably didn't go amazing, but she never tells… it’s unbelievable. She’s incredible," he continued.