There have been several rumors regarding the relationship between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif after they were spotted in Ibiza together. While the couple try to maintain a low-profile, it looks like engagement rumors are rounding, but is it true?

Kaif was recently spotted walking with her left hand in her pocket after attended Farah Khan's 50th birthday party, rising the engagement rumors. She apparently wanted to hide her ring from the photographers, but they allegedly managed to get a glimpse of her big shiny ring during her Umang performances on Friday night.

Khan told Bollywood Gossip, "I swear, Katrina didn't shake hands with me. So I couldn't notice her palm. She instead hugged me and I didn't notice anything on her neck."

"I didn't get the time to check her hand later as I was busy dancing," continued Khan.

Other reports are stating that the engagement was just a prank and pretended to be engaged after joking about the thought of marriage.

Whether Kaif and Kapoor are serious about their engagement or not, some can't help but to speculate that the rumors are true.

"She will wear an engagement ring when the time is ready," said a source to Bollywood Life. "And it will be for the world to see. She don't just randomly attend some event wearing it. There is a plan in place in the Kapoor family as far as Ranbir and Katrina and it will be known to everyone in due time."

The source addd that Kapoor and Kaif are in fact engaged and exchanged rings, but want to keep it a secret until they are ready to announce it.

However, Kaif's rep previously dismissed the reports and stated that they did not get engaged during their holiday trip to London in a private event. The actor's parents, Neetu and Rishi Kapoor was rumored to have joined in on the private affair and flew in to London to see their son get engaged.

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