Lucy Hale opened up about her nightly beauty regimen and her love for makeup and beauty products in a recent interview with Byrdie.

Hale went on to say that her favorite was her grandma's cherry red lipstick, which made her feel like a "million bucks" every time she put it on. "There, I would pick out the reddest red lipstick - it was this bright, cherry red color and so luxurious - and apply it in a ring around my lips. I thought I looked like a million bucks, though anyone else would probably think I had just smeared a cherry popsicle all over my face."

While she admitted that she has always been interested in fashion and beauty, Hale said her makeup obsession was only fueled by her role as brand ambassador for Avon's mark.

"I’ve always loved beauty (clearly, judging on my habit of making my grandma’s red lipstick my paintbrush). But lately, I feel like I’ve become even more of a makeup junkie. Part of this definitely has to do with my role with mark.

I mean, it’s hard to not turn into a beauty junkie when you’re constantly trying out new products," she wrote in her Byrdie column.

She continued: "My friends will ask me what lipstick I’m wearing, or where I got my blue eyeliner and next thing I know we’re swapping makeup. I love experimenting with new looks on myself and talking all things beauty, which is one of the reasons why I’m so excited about this monthly Byrdie column!"

And when asked what she thinks is her biggest beauty style evolution, she answered: "My eyebrows. I used to over-tweeze them—remember, there was a time when bushy, full brows weren’t cool like they are now. I’ve had to be very, very patient and let them grow in, it’s been hard (the tweezers are tempting most days), but I think I’m getting them back to their former glory days. Here’s hoping!"

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