Hair stylist Tabatha Coffey, star of Tabatha Takes Over, has announced the launch of a joint venture with On Demand, Secret Cover. Secret Cover is a range of lightweight extensions that snap into place and have a strand-by-strand knotted base.

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The extensions are available in 13 shades, feel like real hair and can be washed and trimmed like real hair. They can be used to provide volume to styles but are designed to help women cover patches of baldness, thinning hair and irregular hairlines. The extensions retail at $49.99 and launch this week.

Tabatha Coffey is an Australian hairstylist, salon owner whose participation as a contestant on the television show Shear Genius led to her own fame in the US.  

In Tabatha Takes Over (formerly Tabatha's Salon Takeover) on the Bravo network, Coffey helps failing businesses turn around in one week.