"The Lego Movie" may not have been nominated for Best Animated Film at the 87th Annual Academy Awards but it doesn't mean the hit movie doesn't have its very own Oscar.

In response to getting snubbed for the award at this year's Oscars, "Lego Movie" co-director Phil Lord shared a snapshot of an Oscar made of Legos created by artist Natan Sawaya.

"It's okay. Made my own!" he posted along with the Lego pic.

While many would argue that "The Lego Movie" deserved to be nominated for an Academy Award, Lord doesn't appear to have any hard feelings over the snub.

He noted that not getting a nod doesn't diminish the animated flick's critical and commercial success at all.

“This is not a tragedy,” he posted following the announcement of this year's nominees. “Congrats to incredible crew and cast of The Lego Movie, who made a classic.”

Chris Miller, Lord's "Lego Movie" co-director, didn't share his fellow director's optimism and appeared to have been saddened greatly by the high-profile snub.

“Congrats to (Oscar-nominated song) ‘Everything is Awesome’ though currently the title of the song doesn't seem especially accurate!” Miller wrote on his Twitter page.

He followed up the tweet with a joking reference to Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s VMA feud.

“Imma let you finish but the Lego Movie had one of the best crews of all time. Of all time,” he posted.

"The Lego Movie" wasn't the only glaring snub at the Oscars this year, as Jennifer Aniston who was highly anticipated for the Best Actress category, failed to get a nod.

Ava DuVernay was also largely ignored for a Best Director nomination this year, despite being heralded for her film "Selma." She could have been the first African-American woman nominated in the category.

"Selma's" lead actor, David Oyelowo, was also snubbed by Academy voters despite rave reviews for his performance as the slain civil rights leader.

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