Beauty Gift Ideas For Men? Survey Says Men Care About Their Appearance Just As Much As Women Do

Before you start to think of last minute gift ideas for the men in your life, we thought it poignant to share these stats with ya.

Before you decide to go the gadget or electronics route for him, keep those skin care and grooming gift ideas on your list! Turns out he will truly appreciate them!

Men are every bit as neurotic about their bodies and appearances as women are. This issue was addressed by dating app Meetville over a survey, conducted between July and October of this year.

Participants of the poll were asked "Should men pay as much attention to their looks as women do?" The following results were observed: Yes - 60%, No - 40%.

Number of respondents was 45,169. From the USA - 69%, from Canada 3%, from Britain - 9%, Australia - 6% and other countries - 13%.

David DeAngelo, author of Double Your Dating, arrived at the following conclusion: "Today we live in the world, where everything is based on appearance.This influences men's behavior and attitude towards the issue."

The distribution of votes between men and women was as follows: "Yes" votes - Male: 62%, Female: 38% and "No" votes  - Male: 60%,Female: 40%.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, concluded that the reason for such responses may be the emergence of the 'sensitive new-age' guy, which resulted in the fact that some men seem to concentrate on their looks just as much as women do.

With the rise in popularity for treatments like 'Brotox' and even BB Creams for guys, no wonder you can keep those grooming gift ideas handy!

What are you planning on gifting your guy? Tell us with a note below!

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