Looking to finally fix something about your smile that you don't like? Consider the following advice from an expert.

Dr. Shahkarami is a DDS specializing in cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 10 years. Having seen it all after working with patients from all different walks of life at her practice, SoCal Smile, read on to learn how to make your smile look its best:

So many people are unhappy with their smile. What often causes this?

There are so many reasons people can be unhappy with their smiles ranging from shade, shape, and positioning of teeth, and oftentimes patients don't know what specifically they don't like until they talk to their dentist.

Are these options affordable?

Oftentimes these esthetic treatments are not covered by insurance and can cost in the thousands of dollars, but most offices provide various financing options to help patients pay for their treatment.  Our office provides financing options to fit within every budget.  

Who are the ideal candidates for each type of dental fix?

Every patient is unique and needs to consult with their dentist to determine which treatment or treatments best suits their needs.

Best celebrity smiles in your professional opinion?

Celebrities with the best smiles in my opinion are Julia Roberts, Sofia Vargara, Eva Longoria and Shakira.  They have the broad bright and white smiles where they show lots of teeth! 

Additional tips and tricks for perfecting our smiles?

The main issues to address are crowding, shape and shade of teeth.  Those can be addressed by the dentist, but homecare and hygiene are always important for maintenance.  I always recommend patient's wear a nightguard as well to protect from grinding.