Sony Entertainment Co-Chairwoman Amy Pascal is once again under fire after leaked emails revealed that she compared the trend of movie stars taking television roles to celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock adopting black children.

The latest leaked email from the Sony hack, obtained by Radar Online, uncovered an exchange between Pascal and Sony Television President Steve Mosko, in which she made the arguably racist remark.

Pascal made the comment in response to an email from Mosko, who was frustrated about not being informed of a new TV deal Sony was set to announce until he was asked to review the press release.

“Once again, this will cause major confusion in the television group because he has never talked to me or anyone else in our group and I will have to be on the defensive with my own team and not sure what to say to outside world…” he wrote.

In an attempt to appease him, Pascal responded that the TV deal was actually related to big screen features, but “like everyone with half a brain these days television is the thing they want to do.”

The exec added that Mosko was “not used to TV being the new black baby.” This seems to be a reference to stars such as Bullock, Jolie, Charlize Theron and Madonna, all of whom have adopted black children in recent years.

Pascal isn't in Jolie's good books these days after one of the first leaked emails from the Sony hack revealed that the exec called the "Unbroken" director a "spoiled brat," New York Daily News reported.

But, according to a source, Pascal's words were not meant to be racist.

“She was making an ‘Orange is The New Black’ reference and like anybody else could have, left out the comma in the middle of writing a quick email filled with shorthand and abbreviations,” the source told Radar Online.

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