Busy Moms & Beauty: Survey Results Show The Struggle to Balance Skin Care With Having Children


So just what happens to your skin care regime when you become a mom? It can quickly go to the back burner!

For all the busy moms out there, the struggle to maintain a consistent skin care regime is real! Check out these stats from a recent survey conducted by Eurcerin and see just how difficult it can be for mothers to nurture their children as well as their skin. Compelling survey findings include:


  • Nine in ten (92%) moms feel their stress levels impact the quality of their skin. Other factors include:
    • Diet: 92%
    • Sleep: 91%
    • Hormones: 90%
    • Genetics: 89%
    • Skincare Products: 88%


  • Only one in four (19%) moms say their skin is consistent throughout the year, citing winter as the most problematic season.
  • Nearly all (94%) moms say their habitat plays a key role in the overall condition of their skin, especially when it comes to sun exposure (94%) and temperatures (93%).


  • Half of working mothers (50%) say their working conditions may very well lead to skin irritation.
  • Mothers take pride in their appearance in the workplace and feel self-conscious when they don't look their best. It turns out before she books her next appointment at the blow dry bar or nail salon, in fact, the most embarrassing workplace snafu she's thinking about is her skin:
    • Dry, itchy or irritated skin: 37%
    • Messy hair: 29%
    • Chapped lips: 14%
    • Chipped nails: 6%


  • The majority of moms (81%) say they enjoy regularly taking care of their skin.
  • In fact, moms use moisturizer once per day or more on their:
    • Face: 65%
    • Hands: 64%
    • Body: 55%
  • Moms have nearly nine days a month on average where their skin feels dry or irritated.
  • The biggest skin issues moms face are:
    • Constant or frequent dryness: 47%
    • Itchy Skin: 30%
    • Irritation: 20%
    • Redness: 18%

Can you relate to these skin care stats? Tell us with a note below!

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