A new survey commissioned by Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions, has shed light on how women really feel about their hair, skin and nails and the lengths they would go to achieve perfection.

Check out how the majority of women feel about using supplements to boost their beauty:

Most women notice weakness in their hair skin & nails

- Of the women surveyed, 79% often notice weaknesses in their hair, skin or nails

- And it isn't just their own hair, skin and nails - 74% of women said they would notice if another woman had weak or unhealthy hair, skin and nails

- While 81% of women have heard about health supplements created to benefit hair, skin, or nails - only 21% are currently taking these vitamins or supplements

- 20% think they're too expensive, 16% feel their hair, skin or nails are healthy enough, and 14% think they're already taking a multi-vitamin and don't want to take too many

- Women are willing to make some serious sacrifices for a year in exchange for perfect hair, skin or nails for life. Makeup was the first to go with 35% of the vote, followed by half her wardrobe (25%) and her smartphone (20%)

- Younger women are even more motivated: 45% of women under 40 would sacrifice makeup for a year in exchange for hair, skin and nail perfection

Hair ranks as a top defining feature for most women

- 82% agree that how their hair looks affects how they feel about their whole day

- When choosing a photo for an online dating profile, hair (34%) and skin (25%) are two of the top three features that women want to look most attractive

- Women still long for Jennifer Anniston's locks. She may no longer style her tresses in the famous "Rachel" from Friends, but Jennifer Aniston is still famous for her gorgeous mane.

- Aniston (31%) tops the list of celebrities' hair women would most like to have, followed by Sofia Vergara (21%) and Kate Middleton (20%)

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