Brrrr! Harsh winter weather and freezing temperatures require a little extra care in your beauty routine.

But you can make a big impact with just a few simple ingredients. Nitika Chopra, host of Naturally Beautiful on Z Living TV network has broken down a few basics to keep your skin baby-soft and your hair moisturized all winter long. 

Check out what the happenin' host had to offer up to help you stay soft this winter:

Coconut Oil. Once a week in the winter, treat your hair to a coconut oil hair mask. Chopra says just before bed, apply organic coconut oil to your scalp and the ends of your hair with a cotton ball.

"Wrap your head in a towel, cover with a shower cap, and leave it in overnight. It keeps your hair super healthy and makes it soft and shiny. The next morning, rinse it out with just a little bit of shampoo, no conditioner necessary. Use less coconut oil for thinner hair," she said.

Rose Water. Your beauty routine should be a sensory experience. "I live in New York City, so I love to feel peaceful, relaxed and calm. One of my favorite ingredients is all-natural rose water," Chopra revealed.

You can use it as a toner just after cleansing. It's perfect in the winter because it fights inflammation and takes away redness and puffiness.

Additional tips for how to stay supple and moisturized during the polar vortex to come from Chopra Monday!