How To Commit To A New Year's Makeup Resolution & Stick To It For 2015

2015 will soon be here! It's almost hard to believe another year has gone by in such a flash!

We will be offering up our own personal staff list of New Year's beauty resolutions, but before we influence your own personal prettifying plans, check out our tips on how to keep your resolutions going all year long:

Make it Visible. We all fail mserably with this one sometimes. We buy a great new product, plan to use it, but once it's tucked neatly away in our draw or medicine cabinet, we quickly forget about it. Out of sight means out of mind, so do your best to place that new lipstick, product, or fragrance right on your vanity so you see it and use it. 

Let it Grow on You. At first use and at first glance, a new look might seem like a bad idea. A change can be a shock to the system, but that doesn't mean its always a mistake! We here at BWN can even attest to this. When I tried the classic MAC lip shade Ruby Woo, at first it seemed way too bright, but after a couple hours, I was smitten. 

Take it with You. When you're rummaging for through your bag and come across the product you promised to use, it'll be a firendly reminder to stick to your comittment. Add it to your beauty bag, place it on your pocket, whatever works best for you when you're on the go, so your new year's resolution becomes a part of your regular routine.

Share Your New Look. If you have any type of social media account, post and share your new look, new product, or both! You'll be sure to get support and honest feedback from family and friends that will definitely motivate you to stick with your makeover method.

Compare & Contrast. And if you don't want to share your look with anyone, simple share it with yourself! Comapre pics of your old look with the new one and you'll be able to honestly gage if the change was worth it.

What new look, regimen, or treatment are you planning to commit to for 2015? Tell us with a note below!

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