'Paddington' Star Nicole Kidman: 2014 Is Not My Favorite Year, Talks About Dealing With Grief After Losing Her Father

It has been a tough year for actress Nicole Kidman.

After losing her father from a heart attack, the "Paddington" star openly admits 2014 is not her favorite year, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"Personally [it's been] really really really hard," the actress told the Guardian at the premiere of her latest movie in Sydney, Australia. "My family underwent a massive tragedy. So not my favorite year. But I try not to be ungrateful - I'm grateful to be alive."

Kidman also revealed that the incident has made her spend more time in her native Australia and be around her family. "We've gone through a really tough time this year as a family. It's so nice to be able to take care of each other."

The actress shared how she misses her father and how he would have loved to see her new film in an interview with Daily Mail.

"My papa would have loved this movie," she said. "But my papa ws so generous he would have loved... he pretty much loved all the things I did, he was biased."

Kidman had lost a great man in his father but she still has a good one beside him. The actress gushed about the support her husband, country star Keith Urban has been giving her since her father passed on in September.

"He has been so good to me for nine years, but for the last month, which has been a really tough time for me ... he's been amazing," she said, quoted via People.

She added, "To have my husband just step up that way ... it makes me cry. We all go through hard times in our lives, but to be literally carried by your partner, and physically, at times, because I was so devastated. I'll do anything for that man."

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