'Newsroom' Star Sam Waterston Speaks About Charlie's Death On The Show's Penultimate Episode

Actor Sam Waterston has spoken about his character Charlie's death in the penultimate episode of the "Newsroom"'s third and final season.

"I have no quibbles with how his journey ended," Waterston told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview.

He also revealed how he found out about his character's end only when he read the script for the episode.

"I found out when I read it. I had no clue," Waterson said. "It's the way I like to find out what's happening in the show in general. To find out that this is what's going to happen that way was fabulous."

While some fans would have been disappointed with how things panned out for his character, Waterston is satisfied. "I thought it was wonderful," he said. "We all knew this was going to be the show's last season - and if you have to go, what a way to go!"

Waterston also shared his happiness in playing the role. "Charlie is one of those characters that doesn't come along very often," he said. "I thought he was perfectly drawn. It was clear who he was from the first day."

He added, "Aaron Sorkin is, to say the least of it, a very special writer and he just made a person and let me pretend to be him. I have no complaints."

It appears Sorkin is just as satisfied with his work in "The Newsroom." Speaking to Esquire, the show's creator said he is "really proud" of the final season.

"You know there was some question in my mind as to whether I would bring the show back for a third session and I am really glad that I did," he shared. "I love ending on this note."

Both Sorkin and Westerton have kept mum about the show's ending but said it would be worth watching.

"The closer I got to the end of the season in terms of writing, the more I was able to see the end of the season finale," Sorkin told Entertainment Weekly. "Once we got there, it happened more easily than I thought it was going to. "

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