Cee Lo Green Sounds Off On Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Allegations

Singer Cee Lo Green, who himself faced sexual assault allegations, has sounded off on the controversy surrounding comedian Bill Cosby, according to MTV.

Green was asked to comment on Cosby's silence amidst the allegations made against him.

"He hadn't said anything, which is to some an admission of guilt as well," Green told TMZ on camera. "I'm saying that can be the perception, and it was the perception because he hadn't made a formal statement defending himself. I just... it doesn't seem fair any way you slice it."

He added, "But you can't defend yourself, you just have to let facts be facts and so forth. The facts have to speak the loudest. None of this seems fair, but of course, for any victim in the situation it's highly unfair."

Ultimately, Green said he can't judge Cosby and that the situation is unfortunate because he is a beloved comedian.

Green pleaded no contest to felony charges filed against him in August, according to The Guardian. A woman claimed the former "The Voice" mentor gave her ecstasy while they were at a dinner date in July 2012 and later raped her.

The singer took to Twitter to speak about the charges filed against him, saying: "People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!" He received flak for his posts and later deactivated his account. He returned to the social media site after giving an apology.

Cosby, on the other hand, has been silent about the claims made against him. The only thing he put out about the issue are a couple of tweets thanking friends, comedian and host Whoopi Goldberg and singer-actress Jill Scott for supporting and defending him.

Meanwhile, Cosby's attorney Marty Singer has filed a motion to dismiss Judy Huth's claims saying she was molested by the comedian at the Playboy Mansion in 1974, according to Reuters. Singer said the complainant tried to extort $250,000 from Cosby.

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