Fall Out Boy Bassist Pete Wentz Opens Up About Upcoming Album 'American Beauty/American Psycho'

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz said the band is done with 80% of their new album "American Beauty/American Psycho" and there's something new to expect from the record, according to Music Times.

Wentz spoke about their latest studio effort, which is set for a Jan. 20 release in an interview with Alternative Press, saying a lot of the places they toured in the past year heavily influenced the sound of the record.

"I think this album more than 'Save Rock And Roll' probably presses further out on the boundaries," Wentz explained.

He also revealed that some commentary about what has happened in society recently will be included in the lyrics of some songs in the album.

"There's these things that I've seen go on - whether it's what happened with Ferguson, Mo., and stuff like that - that I don't really feel comfortable addressing on social media," Wentz said. "I think some of that is going to come across in the lyrics."

The rocker also shared how the band have come to terms with the idea that they are not as big in the industry as other artists like Paul McCartney or Foo Fighters but maintained that they have their own footing.

He also expressed his sadness over the fact that their band appears to be among the very few who pushed through with the idea of making music that appeals to both live audiences and radio listeners.

"I feel like when we started this out, there was a movement of bands, and now it feels like we're alone," he said.

They are not entirely alone, however, as the band's sixth album features a few collaborators. Announcing the release of their new single, which shares the name of their album, Fall Out Boy wrote on their website that they solicited the help of French musician SebAstian for the track.

"From the past he minded some of the future," the band said. "The mission is the heart pure and simple as it can be - distilled but never fragmeneted or disguised. Through these experiments, that were sometimes lost in translation, we persevered, 'They tried to bury us but they didn't realize we were seeds."

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