Jill Scott Gets Flak For Supporting Bill Cosby Amidst Sexual Assault Allegations

Singer and actress Jill Scott has been receiving flak for announcing her support to embattled comedian Bill Cosby, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Scott took to Twitter to defend the comedian amidst several sexual assault allegations. The singer, who is an alumna of Temple University, which Cosby recently resigned from as a member of the Board of Trustees, was asked to sign a petition to oust the comedian from the post.

The singer-actress answered the request sent to her via Twitter on Nov. 24 with: "Oh ok. So they've proven the alleged allegations? I didn't know. Will they also be giving him back the millions he's donated?"

People started tweeting to Scott, sharing their dismay over her choice to defend Cosby. One user asked, "really Jill? Just how many more women need to come forward for you to believe? A smooth 20?"

Scott cited the lack of evidence as the reason why she is backing up Cosby, according to MTV.

Answering a tweet from someone who asked her why she did not believe the allegations against the comedian, she said: "darling I've learned not to believe too much without proof. Especially about someone whose done so much for our greater good."

Scott also said society is trying to "destroy a magnificent legacy" in running stories about Cosby's alleged abuse. She stopped replying to tweets after saying she respects Cosby for uplifting the "image of Brown people."

As a support to her earlier statement citing the lack of evidence in the claims, she tweeted: "Rape is a despicable, cowardly crime. If you've been raped - plz do NOT shower, go to police IMMEDIATELY, have a [rape] kit done. GET EVIDENCE."

Scott's defense comes after comedian Faizon Love spoke about his support for Cosby, according to MSNBC.

Love called out fellow comedian Hannibal Buress, whose joke in a stand-up performance opened up discussion about Cosby allegedly raping women. Close to 20 women have also started coming forward with claims they were sexually assaulted by the comedian.

"You monkey n*ggas are so funny," Love tweeted. "Next time one of your kids or your friend, are murdered you call one of those fake b*tches that was raped better yet call Hannibal Burres."

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