Need some holiday hair inspiration? Consider ripping this cool look from the runway.

Sometimes a great style is one that doesn't look super coiffed, slicked down, and with every little hair in place. There's perfection in the imperfection of a messy, effortless look. 

Carefree, yet glam, the undone braid combines the best of high fashion and boho style. Seen on numerous red carpets and runways like that of Marissa Webb Spring 2015, the key to the undone braid is the soft volume around the top and the ears.

Get this coveted hairstyle with a step by step from celebrity hairstylist José Eber. Here's how to nail the super cool 'do:

Step 1: On wet hair, apply volumizing mousse to from roots to ends.

Step 2: Blow dry using a round brush to really smooth out hair. To get the most volume at the roots, start with the brush close to your scalp and pull upward to give lift.

Step 3: Tease your crown and sides of your head, and smooth the top layer to prevent frizz.

Step 4: Gather hair to the side at the nape of your neck. Make sure hair covers both ears.

Step 5: Start braiding hair into a 3 section braid. Make sure to start the braid tightly, so it doesn't fall out and allow the braid to get looser as you make your way towards the ends. 

Step 6: Secure at the bottom with a hair tie. 

Step 7:  Pull some sections of the braid to give it a "piece-ier," uneven look and spray your head with hairspray for hold. 

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