A snippet of pop icon Madonna's new song "Rebel Heart" has been leaked online, according to Billboard.

The 43-second clip is believed to be a demo or a final cut, as it was recorded through speakers.

While Madonna has not addressed the issue yet, her manager Guy Oseary took to Twitter to ask the pop star's fans to help them locate the person who leaked the snippet.

"I would be grateful to any @madonna fans that can assist us in finding those responsible for the leak. We appreciate your help," Oseary wrote.

Oseary made no mention of the song's title, but "Rebel Heart" has been assumed as the iconic singer has been using the title as a hashtag in several of her Instagram posts. One of the posts that bore the phrase as a hashtag was a photo of her and EDM star Avicii uploaded nine months ago.

The phrase was also included in the lyrics and can be heard in the first part of the leaked snippet.

The song includes the lyrics: "I spent some time as a narcissist/Hearing others say, 'Look at you, look at you!'/Trying to be so provocative/I said, 'Oh yeah, that was me'/All the things I did just to be seen."

Prior to the unauthorized release, a Twitter user named @RebelHeartLeak claimed it would put the track online, according to Mirror. The account has now been deleted.

YouTube uploads of the leaked song had been removed, but the song can still be heard on Digital Spy.

Madonna is expected to release her follow-up to 2012's "MDNA" next year. The pop superstar has been hinting at the progress of the studio effort by posting photos with collaborators on her Instagram. Apart from Avicii, the pop icon has been cooking up tunes with Diplo, Symbolyc One, Toby Gad and Mozella.