Remember that classic episode of Sex in the City where the girls dished on all of their "secret single behavior?" Miranda's confession had to be our favorite:

Miranda admitted, "I like to put Vaseline on my hands and stick them in those Borghese conditioning gloves while watching infomercials."

Sounds crazy, but the ginger was onto something. Hydrating skin and locking in the moisture is the key to ensuring against dryness and promoting hydration.

If you're looking to win the war on smooth skin and defeat the winter cold, here are 3 quick and fun ways to make sure the polar vortex doesn't suck the softness outta ya:

Get Handsy. There's nothing better than the massage portion of a manicure at the salon. Your hands are super soft afterwards, so lock in that moisture with a pair of UV Nail Gloves from Happy Hands.

For just $7, not only are you keeping hands hydrated, but Happy Hands is made with a unique UV ray inhibitor coated fabric that blocks 98%+ of harmful UVA and UVB rays too.

Nice Stems. Our personal and absolute favorite winter accessory, the Thigh Highs from American Apparel are the perfect way to keep legs not only looking super sexy, but also warm and soft! Try them for $18 a pair.

Simply apply your choice of moisturizer, slip these babies on, and wake up to summer worthy gams right in the middle of winter.

Toe Touch. If you just wanna focus on your feet, check out this cute little option. After you nourish heels, the balls of your feet, and are ready to pamper toes, try rocking a cute pair of Toezies. At $14 a pair, these are your winter pedicure essential. Aren't they adorbs?!

Tell us which pick you plan to pick up!