Thanksgiving Hangover: How To Reboot Tired Puffy Eyes & Skin From Turkey & Jetlag

It's one of the most busiest travel days of the year. If you're travelling over Thanksgiving, you'll likely be spending the holiday eating, shopping, traveling back home, and of course, trying to recover from it all.

Check out how to fight the tryptophan and the exhaustion once you have to head back to work Monday with these 5 essentials you'll want in your beauty arsenal:

Rise and shine! Holidays should be a time for sleeping in, but you'll never get to the feast if you don't make that early morning flight. Look wide awake and try Wake Up Call by Anthony Brands Skin Care. For $38, this hydrating treatment gel rejuvenates skin with green tea and caffeine, an anti-fatigue ingredient. Plus the burst of menthol will wake you up in a flash! 

Restless nights on a relative's pull-out over Thanksgiving are often the culprit for tired, puffy eyes. Consider Supergoop's Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream ($45). The gluten-free formula and cool tip applicator help reduce puffiness, fine lines, and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Get that glow back! Even if you're super tired, you don't have to look it! Make sure skin is wearing its holiday best and apply a few drops of Wild Carrot and Green Tea Lemongrass Serum Concentrates by Odacite ($30-$60). A lackluster complexion is no competition for the glowing effects of this winning combination of ingredients. The Wild Carrot's uplifting scent is also balanced by Lemongrass' aromatic ability to calm, relieve tension and invigorate.

Don't forget about your feet! They take a beating too! Soothe your soles with a well-deserved holiday of their own. Naturally-based repair formulas, such as Lavilin Foot Repair Emulsion ($20), not only work to get rid of hard, dry skin, but also help to mend cracks and fissures on feet. Top it off with Foot Moisturizing Gel ($22) for the ultimate in winter hydration. 

And while you're recovering, a little extra pumpkin pie won't hurt. Philosophy's Delicious Pumpkin Pie Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath ($20) will bring back fond memories of holiday baking and family and friends gathered around the table. This one is definitely worth running a hot bath and soaking in the suds for.   

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