British singer Jessie J has a heart problem but it has nothing to do with new beau Luke James.

The "Bang Bang" songstress has opened up about her ailing heart and what it's like to suffer from a mild stroke at the age of 18 in an interview with MTV UK.

She recalled the incident, saying "I lost feeling in my right arm and I was like 'this doesn't feel right.' Tingles, shooting pains - my face started to go numb on my right side and I called my dad and my dad was like 'you need to go to hospital, something's wrong.'"

The doctor who attended to her confirmed that she was having a minor stroke. She was told the incident would leave her unable to sing or walk properly but the "Burnin' Up" singer was determined to overcome her health problem for her dream to be a singer.

"I prayed a lot and didn't let it get me so I just was like 'this is a test that I've been given as a person and it hasn't killed me so it can only make me stronger," Jessie said.

Jessie revealed she is suffering from Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome in a gala for Musicians on Call on November 18, according to Page Six.

"When I was a child, I was sick and I wished someone would come and sing to me," the "Sweet Talker" singer said. "I feel so happy that I am on the other side and now I can give back. I never let my illness define me."

Fans need not worry about Jessie J, however, as the singer told Access Hollywood that she has learned how to deal with her illness better.

"I don't have caffeine. I very rarely drink alcohol, if ever," the singer shared. "I don't have much sugar. I have palpitations a lot but it's fine... I wanna be an inspiration to people."