According to the 2014 ASDS Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures, 56% of the population is extremely bothered by fine lines, wrinkles in the forehead area, around and under the eye, as well as mid-face around the cheeks and mouth.  

Fillers have played a large role in the cosmetic treatment of wrinkles, but more people are starting to count ultrasound, laser, light and radio frequency treatments for skin tightening or wrinkles as one of the top cosmetic procedures they're considering.

Now there's AceLift, a procedure developed by renowned dermatologist, Dr. Deborah Sarnoff. Using two lasers by Cynosure, AceLift is a minimally invasive procedure for face and neck revitalization. 

Check out what Dr. Sarnoff had to tell us about the innovative technique:

So Dr. Sarnoff, what causes the face and neck to begin to droop?

Age, gravity, deflation/loss of volume, photodamage and loss of collagen in the skin.

For how long does the skin remain tight on its own before we start to see these changes?

It depends on genetics, gender, and how much sun exposure a person has had over time, and whether or not they are smokers or have smoked.  In general, "light skinned" women age faster -- we begin to see changes in our late 30s-40s.

What are the benefits of the AceLift over a facelift?

AceLift addresses the quality of the skin, not just the quantity.  AceLift deals with sun damage and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.  With an AceLift, there is no general anesthesia or IV sedation.  An AceLift can be customized to deal with aging around the eyes, mouth, and face and neck, whereas a facelift is limited to the lower portion of the face and jowls only.

How much downtime is involved? 

Downtime is approximately one week.

How long do the results from the AceLift last?

The results of the laser treatment(s) can last for many years.  See maintenance question below for additional information.

Look out for Part Two of our talk with Dr. Sarnoff tomorrow!