Neck & Back Pain: How Looking Down At Your Smartphone & Texting Can Damage Your Spine Alignment & Add 60 Pounds of Pressure


A new study has recently made headlines on every news station and addresses pretty much anyone and everyone with a cellphone.

Please note the angle of your head and neck when using your device, is the warning being sent to every mobile user. Why? Turns out the results of not paying attention to this often overlooked detail can have detrimental affects for your health.

ABC News reports that a new study shows looking down constantly to check your phone, send a text message, post a new status, surf the web, send emails, or play games can put a real burden on your neck and spine, as this bad form of posture is unnatural for the human body.

A proper angle for the head and neck is at 0 degrees, as seen below.

But experts warn that what seems like a slight tilt of the head to look down at your phone can create undue pressure on your spine, adding a whopping 60 lbs to this delicate and essential part of the body.

Doctors say this amount of pressure is equivalent to having six bowling balls around your neck!

Dr. Ken Hansraj of the New York Spine & Rehabilitation Center agrees.

"This study shows clearly that if you keep your head in neutral, which is straight up, then it's the most efficient position and you'll feel the best," the expert said.

And the stress we are putting on our spine while hunched over on our cellphones is more than you would think. ABC reports that the average smartphone user spends 1 to 3 hours a day in this not-so-good-for-you position. That equates to up to six weeks in a year!

So what can we do to give our neck and spines some serious relief? Heads up!

Experts suggest if you want to alleviate the added pressure you're putting on your spine by constantly looking down at your phone, then you should try bringing the phone up to eye level so that your neck stays at a neutral angle.

Looks like the warning from parents to always stand up straight is again, the best advice you can always remember to use!

How often are you on your smartphone? Are you going to hold it up to your eye level now instead? Tell us with a note below!

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