We all saw it - Kim Kardashian's bare derriere greeted us on every Internet platform thanks to Paper Magazine. As Kim aims to #BREAKTHEINTERNET with her curvaceous bottom, many women are checking themselves out from behind and thinking, "is my butt big enough?" 

We decided to pick the brain of Dr. Victoria Karlinsky, a highly-skilled, board-certified trained facial and body sculpting specialist with extensive experience working with all aspects of cosmetic surgery and treatments - including buttock enhancement procedures. Check out her backside point of view on Kim K's latest booty-popping pic:

So Dr. Karlinksy, what was your reaction as a professional to the Paper Magazine photo?

I think this photo was photoshopped or enhanced in some way.

Do you think Kim K has had work done to her backside?

Not taking this recent photo into account, if she did have any fat grafting done to her buttocks, it was done in a very nice way. I think that it is reasonable to believe that her buttocks are naturally full and well projected. It is not unusual to see women who have that kind of shape naturally. 

Is Kim K's bottom proportional to her body?

Not on the recent photograph, but in real life I think that it is. Yes, she does have a fairly large and projected butt, but she also has large breasts, and she is very curvy, I think it is her natural anatomy. 

What should women know who are looking to mimic this look by going under the knife?

Patients must have realistic expectations about this surgery. There is only so much fat that we can put in safely at one time. Putting in too much fat does not ensure a larger butt, the graft will simply not survive. The fat that is harvested relies on the blood supply that must form to feed the cells and keep them alive. 

What types of procedures garner these results?

A patient may choose to have solid silicone implants to enhance their buttocks or fat grafting. While fat grafting to the buttocks carries a much lower risk for complications, some patients are just not candidates for this procedure due to lack of fat.

Look out for Part 2 of our bootylicious talk with Dr. Victoria Karlinsky on Monday!